How to Begin

This “how to” will help you get started.


  • Take some time to visit sites that provide a similar service to yours. Find a few that appeal to you. Try to articulate what you like about them and come up with a “look and feel” for your site… serious, playful, casual, formal?
  • Make an outline of the contents for the site. This will determine the number of pages and their hierarchy.
  • Acquire the domain name (I can help with this).
  • Arrange for hosting (I can help).
  • Compile your images (ditto).
  • Write a brief description of your site (25 words or less. It should include the keywords that people will search for).
  • Prepare the copy (use any brochures, flyers etc. you may have).
  • Page titles need to reflect the content of each page and should also use the keywords.
  • Links to legitimate sites that organically fit with your business are a good thing to include with in the content of your site.
  • A web site is a living thing… you should change it often. Don’t think that what you start with is the end of it. It won’t be!